Hung Vuong Developer was awarded the prize for Top 10 Most Potential Tourism Real Estate Projects in 2023 for Venezia Beach.

Day 22/03/2023

Creating the first coastal city with HomeResort style and the Wellness Luxury Living ecosystem, which is managed by famous international brands like Marriott International and Best Western and occupying a place where the sea, rivers, lakes, and canals converge for more than 6 kilometers (USA),… Venezia Beach is continuously honored with the most potential tourism-resort project in Vietnam.

Potential tourism project

In Hanoi ( March 10th), the coastal city of Venezia Beach by Danh Viet Joint Stock Company and Hung Vuong Developer Joint Stock Company (HVD) as the project developer, was awarded the prize for “Top 10 potential tourism real estate project in 2023”. In early 2022, this project also won this award. The award was organized by the Vietnam Real Estate Association and Vietnam Real Estate Magazine, voted by more than 1,000,000 readers, the Association of Journalists, and the top experts in Vietnam.

The representative of Hung Vuong Developer received the award at the event

The representative of Hung Vuong Developer received the award at the event

The award was evaluated by rigorous criteria such as the ideal location and vision, accessibility, standard utility complexes, and growth possibilities; The spectacular and unique architecture;… Surpassing numerous projects to be honored at the top of coastal real estate projects illustrates the project’s potential, viability, and optimum advantages for investors, society, and the local community.

The representative of the developer Hung Vuong Developer said that Venezia Beach possesses a lot of advantages to develop to a multi-use coastal city, including meeting the needs of residents’ settlements and leisure, being a desirable tourist destination,

encouraging the development of the tourism industry, and creating jobs that contribute to social security.

Creating the distinctive HomeResort style with a 3-in-1 signature real estate.

Home, Wellness Luxury Living Ecosystem and Hospitality International are the three extremely distinctive attributes that Hung Vuong Developer used to pioneer the HomeResort style in Vietnam.

Venezia Beach is invested by Danh Viet and Hung Vuong Developer is the project developer

Venezia Beach is invested by Danh Viet and Hung Vuong Developer is the project developer

Particularly, Home with long-term ownership provides the condition for residents to flexibly stay and rent. Venezia Beach is a unique coastal city with the benefit of a dynamic coastline .

The city upgrades wellness into a Wellness Luxury Living lifestyle for wealthy people who have high demands for health care and enjoyment. Accordingly, this is a place with a rare prosperity position covering 1km of seafront – 1km of rivers – 1.1km of lakes, and nearly 4km of canals.

The leader of Hung Vuong Developer uses the majority of the land budget to build 16 utility clusters that contain hundreds of utilities with high international standards, which focus on wellness utility. Noticeably, the treatment-rehabilitation-health care complex known as “the city without age” run by Care 21, the top healthcare provider in Japan, includes a 1-hectare intensive wellness center, a 1.6-hectare multipurpose sports area, and dozens of internal wellness facilities with a total scale of up to 12 ha.

Hospitality International: With a wealth of knowledge, the operator is assured of outstanding service quality, effective utilization of lodging services, and sustainable development. Venezia Beach is also one of the few projects where two of the top hotel brands in the world, Marriott International and Best Western, are presented (USA).

The central position covers all benefits.

Being the crossing point between Ho Tram – Binh Chau (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) and Ham Tan (Binh Thuan), Venezia Beach benefits from the best of the two biggest tourist hubs in the South, drawing up to 20 million visitors annually.

With this magnificent location, the project turns into an ideal place on the most picturesque sea route in the South as it’s only 1 hour away from all the well-known scenic areas of Vung Tau & Binh Thuan.

This place also enjoys the original nature with the blue sea – white sand – golden sunshine of Binh Thuan and primeval forests, and Hotsprings – a signature reserved for the Ho Tram – Binh Chau area.

Especially, it just takes 45 minutes to get from here to Long Thanh airport and 90 minutes to get to Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, Venetian Beach is highly regarded for its potential for tourist development as well as for meeting the demands of the wealthy people of Ho Chi Minh City.

Signature architecture with Venice style on the prosperity resort road

Hung Vuong Developer, a real estate developer, was artistically inspired to design Venezia Beach by the fabled canal city of Venice, which blends the qualities of soil and indigenous culture.

This is represented in the traditional utility system, the row of homes constructed in the Art Deco – Venetian Gothic architectural style, lyrical bridges, Byzantine dome architecture, and warm tints. Especially, Venezia Beach has totally “mirrored” the original with a radial design and 4 km of twisting canals to faithfully recreate the romantic beauty of the world’s tourism legacy. Not only is the locals proud of this distinctive building, but it also serves as a starting point for all exploration and adventure journeys along the southern sea route.

Venezia Beach faithfully reconstructs the magnificence of the world's tourism heritage.

Venezia Beach faithfully reconstructs the magnificence of the world’s tourism heritage.

With several benefits from the crossroads position, long-term ownership, unique prosperity place, and special architecture, Venezia Beach deserves to become a prospective project in the real estate market, dynamic sea route! Protection Status